St. Vincent


So Annie Clark of St. Vincent has announced that the new album is set for release 13th October 2017 . I’am not the only one thats a little excitied about this , so here is a little teaser of whats to come


Southside Johnny & The Ashbury Jukes – The Fever The Remastered Epic Recordings 2017


Here at last is the anthology Jukes fans have been waiting for, the one that not only includes all four albums the group cut with Miami Steve Van Zandt (including the CD debut of the promo-only LP Jukes Live at the Bottom Line), but also finally, finally presents this seminal body of work in newly remastered form. Indeed, the Epic recordings of Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, the crucial early sides that made their reputation (and featured a ton of Springsteen/E Street Band spillover), have long suffered from indifferent sound and packaging, as all reissues have been taken from the same digital masters made at the dawn of the CD era.



The Fever—The Remastered Epic Recordings changes all that all four Epic albums including I Don’t Want to Go Home, Jukes Live at the Bottom Line, This Time It’s for Real, and Hearts of Stone (plus the single version of “Havin’ a Party”) appear here in brand-new, sparkling versions remastered from the original master tapes by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios in New York. What’s more, the 2-CD, 40-track collection offers new liner notes by Chris Morris that feature fresh quotes from Southside Johnny himself, and Bruce Springsteen’s original liner notes for I Don’t Want to Go Home. Speaking of Springsteen, his fingerprints are all over these projects, with such songs as “The Fever,” “Little Girl So Fine,” “Love on the Wrong Side of Town,” “When You Dance,” “Talk to Me,” “Trapped Again,” and “Hearts of Stone” all written or co-written by The Boss, while Van Zandt not only produced all four Epic albums but wrote much of the repertoire. But the real star here, of course, is Southside Johnny himself, one of the great white R&B singers of this or any other time, backed by a crack band including The Miami Horns and with such special guests as Ronnie Spector, The Coasters, The Drifters, and The Five Satins. Joyful, soulful music finally sounding the way it oughtta!

Buffalo Canyon

Well at the beginning of the year we lost our bass player and our drummer  but i guess these things happen , And it wasn’t through bad vibes our change of direction it just happened . so Gary and myself sat down and thought about how we overcome this issue after trying out new bass players and drummers none of them actually got what we as a band are about or had a clue of less is more if that makes any sense .

So after heaps of coffee and bouncing around ideas and plans we actually came up with lets just do all the parts ourselves until we actually found the correct people we want this time rather than just grab the first available bassist and drummer and to quote Gary ” if they like us they will join us ”


So we went back to something that we loved and reworked it i tried to come up with a dirty bass line but it eluded me hence why i don’t play bass , we did two version of this and this is the radio friendly version . the live version really has a groove to it and will post that up on our soundcloud page in a few weeks



so on that note i’m outta here i have a heap of Guinness to get through after all it is a saturday night .

Its All Been A Little Slow

Things have a been a little slow round here and not much new music coming my way, but saying that the new Waxahatchee album arrived today and i just know that’s going to be so good . also having no mobile is fantastic its been a total detox from being on call to everyone . the down side is having to use my ipad for everything at the moment and that’s a rare thing i use normally avoid all apple products .

so i’m working on this playlist that i pick two songs from some of my albums and put them out there and its time to share with you now . this list will never stop growing so a quick check every now and then would be recommended

Ron Gallo – Heavy Meta 2017

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Every now and then an artist comes along that you really want to keep to yourself , and share with nobody . this is one of them moments not since the release of kings of Leon first album “youth & young manhood” have i felt an album grab me from the inside out . But i must admit here that everything after kings of Leon debut was shite .

Its evidently clear from the opening track “young lady, you’re scaring me” that this album clearly has no Nashville twang . Ron Gallo has brought that Philadelphia sound to Nashville and has given it the much need kick in the balls that it deserves . This album touches on the singers frustration’s with humanity and stupid fucking people


Lyrically Ron Gallo is all over the place but its that passion that seals the release with conviction specially when you can have a line with “dumb bell right to the temple” its fresh , its raw , it has a back bone and a set of bollocks and as much as i tried to keep this to myself over the last month i have to share go get this album and treasure it and play it seriously loud .


whats been happening in january

OK i have had loads of music come through, from some funky old material, to some new gems been released . but this years top release that i’m actually waiting on is from granddaddy sadly still no sign of the promo heading this way . so the stick out albums here this month are Farewell Milwaukee and the quiet life . both these albums are outstanding and not to forget the barbarisms release . January has been a good month for albums lets hope this high standard continues . a3161942020_16

ZOOEY – the drifters 2016


Angelo bond – Bondage 1975 (highly recommended )



jonny fritz – sweet creep 2016



the blue aeroplanes – welcome stranger 2017 (highly recommended)


the connells stone cold yesterday.jpg

the connells – stone cold yesterday (best of)



the moles – tonight’s music 2017



the xx – i see you 2017 ( highly recommended)



the flaming lips – oczy mlody



half japanese – hear the lions roar



the molochs – americas velvet glory (highly recommended)


farewell Milwaukee – FM (highly recommended



barbarisms – browser (highly recommended)



ty segall – ty segall

quiet life foggy.jpg

quiet life – foggy (highly recommended)


japandriods – near to the wild heart of life 2017


Julia Jacklin – Don’t Let the Kids Win (2016)


you can tell its January and work is slow that i’m actually doing this in there time but what gives . Don’t let the kids win is the debut of Australian singer/songwriter Julia Jacklin, who skillfully laces elements of alternative country-rock and early rock into haunting indie folk vignettes. Smoky vocals, discontent, and a presence that’s mature beyond her twenty-something years suffuse the album with the character of a life hard-lived. That spirit is almost literal on the song “Same Airport, Different Man,” a weary, single-verse ruminatio n that ends with her deciding to try the train next time. It closes with a mumble and a quiet, dissolving guitar line, as if falling asleep over a whiskey. At the other end of the instrument range is the lush “Coming of Age,” which uses echoing guitars, crashing cymbals, and a melody that yodels to express “I didn’t see it coming, my coming of age.”005807445_500

More sauntering tracks like “Leadlight” and “Small Talk” take on a light ’50s nostalgia with triplet rhythms, rhythm guitar, and a country connection. The latter tune has her feeling the wrong age for anything, whether it be the cool kid at the bar, or imagining Zach Braff and Catherine Deneuve as her parents. In keeping with the album’s self-consciousness about growing older and finding one’s place, the title track closes Don’t Let the Kids Win with lyrics like “I’ve got a feeling that this won’t ever change/We’re gonna keep on getting older, it’s gonna keep on feeling strange.”

Altogether, the album’s palette and Jacklin’s cracking, pensive delivery land her in a sphere with heavy-hitters such as Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen, with a touch of Lucinda Williams, making it a must for fans of thoughtful indie folk.

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Albums of The Year

Well this year has been the hardest for us to nail down with so many albums of great quality released this year , But we managed to do it even if we did a joint first place. So we wanted to place the new Yo La Tengo album in this list but we thought its an album of covers , If we place that then why not place Karl Blau album . It became handbags at dawn with lots of “fucks” being screamed in the head .

10 – Andrew Bird – Are you serious


9 – Richmond Fontaine  – You can’t go back if there’s nothing to go back to


8 – Courtney Marie Andrews – Honest Life


7 – Whitney – Light Upon The lake


6 – The Harmed Brothers – A Lonely Conversation


5 – Karl Blau – Introducing Karl Blau


4 – The Cave Singers – Banshee


3 – White Denim  – Stiff


2 – Carter Sampson – Wilderside


1 – Treetop flyers – Palomino


1 – Lambchop – FLOTUS


So there you have it a Top 10 (11) that’s a good Christmas list if your struggling to buy a gift for someone .



new on the desk

OK so we have some new arrivals some are old and some new stuff sent out to us . so we got sent the gypsy mechanics “exile on middle street” this was originally recorded back in 2014 but got put on the back burners , we have no idea why cause its a classic bit of alt / country . we also had a delivery of the new Paul Cauthen album “my gospel” with that Waylon style vibe going through it . also the new release from bird-cloud “singles only” this isn’t for the faint hearted or the easily offended but we are highly recommending it here . and the eagerly awaited the harmed brothers “a lovely conversation”



hey folks well as promised we have returned with “siding with the insane stereo” soundtrack vol 1 . we have some new material on this playlist from the super talented Justin peter kinkel schuster taken from his new album “constant stranger” . also we have Brent Cobb track taken from his new album “shine on a rainy day” the cousin of the legendary Dave Cobb who has only produced some of the best albums around over the past couple of years .

also appearing on the volume 1 issue is a track from the super cool Los Angeles band SEND MEDICINE with a  mix of psych, blues, folk and surf the track “baby’s coast” is taken from there debut album called “scary Aquarius daughter” that we at SWTIS highly recommend .so we hope you all enjoy this and more will follow .


Siding with the insane stereo is new on word press after spending time over at weebly we decided its time to call it a day over there things just weren’t working out . So it brings us to this . we are going to try and aim to bring you some of the best alt/country , Americana and indie stuff your way . I really promise not to bring you any of that bro country shite that seems to be over shadowing this genre at the moment . We will kick this all off with a new soundtrack link this will appear in the next couple of days .fb_img_1476384160234