Indigo Code

I don’t really know when my love for denim started , But i do know that i have been wearing it from an early age because it was cheap and it took some shit from climbing and other duties of being a young lad . But there has not been a stage of my life that i have been without denim and i don’t really think i could cope without this material of God .


In fact most folks around have gone through there life being connected with denim in some way , shape or form and if you have managed to get through life without owning denim then the first question you need to be asked is ” How The Fuck Have You Managed .

I have seen myself cancel events or not even show because no jeans are allowed . i have turned up at nightclubs and been refused entry on there NO DENIM POLICY when its totally clear that my denim cost more than you £50 matalan trousers, jacket , shirt and tie oh and that’s also counting the doorman’s footwear also but for all the bad rap denim has had over the years i’ll defend it and stand by it .


For me denim sits along side good music and good bourbon with good pizza if you can crack all them in one shot you just know  inside you own this shit . So even over this summer i have been cutting around in a indigo denim sarong and i have been on a mission hunting down denim i have found some bargains and i have even been given a pair that need some TLC and some good needle work .


So the above picture is what i’m actually on the hunt for now , i mean i could easily buy a new one but that would be cheating i want one worn with a little bit of history a little beaten and a little mystery and i wont stop till i find one .



Buffalo Canyon

Well at the beginning of the year we lost our bass player and our drummer  but i guess these things happen , And it wasn’t through bad vibes our change of direction it just happened . so Gary and myself sat down and thought about how we overcome this issue after trying out new bass players and drummers none of them actually got what we as a band are about or had a clue of less is more if that makes any sense .

So after heaps of coffee and bouncing around ideas and plans we actually came up with lets just do all the parts ourselves until we actually found the correct people we want this time rather than just grab the first available bassist and drummer and to quote Gary ” if they like us they will join us ”


So we went back to something that we loved and reworked it i tried to come up with a dirty bass line but it eluded me hence why i don’t play bass , we did two version of this and this is the radio friendly version . the live version really has a groove to it and will post that up on our soundcloud page in a few weeks



so on that note i’m outta here i have a heap of Guinness to get through after all it is a saturday night .

Its All Been A Little Slow

Things have a been a little slow round here and not much new music coming my way, but saying that the new Waxahatchee album arrived today and i just know that’s going to be so good . also having no mobile is fantastic its been a total detox from being on call to everyone . the down side is having to use my ipad for everything at the moment and that’s a rare thing i use normally avoid all apple products .

so i’m working on this playlist that i pick two songs from some of my albums and put them out there and its time to share with you now . this list will never stop growing so a quick check every now and then would be recommended

The Book Of Denim


So i won a competition on instagram a few weeks back to win a book of denim and i had to enter a photo of me wearing my denim so like a complete selfie wanker i did . And low and behold i won out of 11k folks (i never win anything ) .

so in the image above is the book i won and i gotta say its a great book and finding out so much about denim . everyone should own good denim that has to be a law right? anyway so today im kicking around in my french workwear denim top that i picked up over the weekend for £5.00 oh the love of a junk shop and i have a heap of promos to sift through . im outta here

Mojave 3 – spoon and rafter 2003


download available for 24 hours only – link deleted 

Mojave 3 is a firm all time favourite here and a little bit of me always hopes that they return with more amazing music . Spoon and Rafter was released on 22 September 2003 in the UK, and a day later in the US. After the break up of Slowdive in 95 Neil Halstead formed the birth of Mojave 3 and released 5 amazing albums