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Every now and then an artist comes along that you really want to keep to yourself , and share with nobody . this is one of them moments not since the release of kings of Leon first album “youth & young manhood” have i felt an album grab me from the inside out . But i must admit here that everything after kings of Leon debut was shite .

Its evidently clear from the opening track “young lady, you’re scaring me” that this album clearly has no Nashville twang . Ron Gallo has brought that Philadelphia sound to Nashville and has given it the much need kick in the balls that it deserves . This album touches on the singers frustration’s with humanity and stupid fucking people


Lyrically Ron Gallo is all over the place but its that passion that seals the release with conviction specially when you can have a line with “dumb bell right to the temple” its fresh , its raw , it has a back bone and a set of bollocks and as much as i tried to keep this to myself over the last month i have to share go get this album and treasure it and play it seriously loud .



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