This Philly based 6 piece band needle points came crashing in to “siding with the insane stereo” and made a massive impact with there own style of peace and psychedelia . released back in September 2016 on the back of a couple of e/p’s “feel young” was born and we cant help wonder how we all managed to get by without this .

Feel young opens up with “corazon” that punches right in the gut with that garage style sound and that guitar and bass riff that can only be danced to while on a drunk filled night . this is a fun song and is on a heavy repeat trip .


This album has definitely made the top ten list of the year on “siding with the insane stereo” now we just gotta juggle who to move out of it . its an album to keep your shades on while listening its simply that cool . and if that wasn’t cool enough this album was produced by Dr. dog front man .


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