Hailing from Leicester UK mountaintop junkshop could easily be mistaken for the alt/country hipsters from some California scene .This four piece outfit recently play the hut at Corby on a support slot with Erin Rae and the meanwhile’s .

This is the second time i have seen these play and each time i witness this i cant help but think that these guys are on the cusp of making something happen for themselves . with there lo/fi, alt/country sound and two superb e/p’s under there belt “roman candles and red lights” and the superb three tracked e/p called “i dreamed i heard somebody singing in the outhouse “cameringo_20161103_211238

There is something about mountaintop junkshop that is dark and yet to be explored to its full potential , Amy and John’s harmonies together and clearly delivered with heart felt precision . yes its dark , yeas its down right fucking miserable . but these are the trade marks that give this lo/fi alt/country band the sound .

Every now and then a genre needs a kick up the arse because it becomes stale and boring . Mountaintop junkshop are that band to stick that boot in and challenge a genre so that it evolves.

you can buy mountaintop junkshop from the bandcamp website http://www.mountaintopjunkshop.bandcamp.com/music

honestly we really do recommend that you go and see these guys perform and purchase there e/p’s .


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