Take yourself back to 2014 , it was the year a UKIP councillor blamed the floods on gay marriage (madness) . torrential summer flash flooding , we had tweedy release “sukierae” Interpol released “el pintor” jack white released “lazaretto” caribou released “our love” hurray for the riff raff released “small town heroes” Benjamin Booker released his self titled debut album .

I could easily continue the list of great albums that came out during 2014 , but there is only one that will always stand head and shoulders above them all and that’s “colfax” by the Delines . Formed by willy vlautin from Richmond fontaine he has simply put together one of the greatest bands around . Now your probably thinking “that’s high praise” but if you haven’t listened to them , then you really need to .


Colfax opens up with “calling in” with an intro that makes you think it’s going to be an epic retro-country style anthem of an instrumental , then all of a sudden your hit with the most amazing , warm  voice of Amy Boone . with the opening line “you callin in” just them three words had me hooked from the start . As the song drifts through you can simply place yourself in some mid-west joint in the states or even standing alone with a panoramic back drop of lonely mountains sipping whiskey or bourbon and being nursed to a state of bliss by the voice of Amy Boone .

Track two slips in seamlessly to “Colfax avenue” this is the song that connects with me . as a ex serviceman i think this song was written for me and any other ex serviceman will probably connect with this . we all witnessed and seen to much to young and the daily struggles to deal with it . so having a blow out when the shit hits home now and then is OK “i guess” . Amy delivers this like she has experienced this on a personal level . sometimes i wish i had sister to help when shit gets real   .

Here is an album that clearly everyone can connect a little bit of themselves with . whether it be a life changing event in your life or a moment that hits you square in the face to wake you up from a life of slumber . And the “oil rigs at night” is one of them songs , i had recently introduced a friend to the Delines and it wasn’t till several months after lending the album that it was a life changing track . it would probably mean nothing to everyone else . but this confirms that there is a little bit  for everyone to connect with in this album  .

Wichita ain’t so far away kicks in , this has a upbeat vibe to it, but clearly it still holds that panoramic sound that only the Delines seem to deliver with ease . In this song there is a line that will ring home to most folks “and your finger prints on me have begun to fade” such a powerful line that Amy delivers like she felt it .

so on this little description i will end there , you need to delve in to this album and listen . who knows you may find yourself or it may even destroy you with its heartbreaking vibe and storytelling . this is retro-country at its best and shouldn’t be passed by  .




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