Well siding with the insane stereo have been after this release for a while now and we can gladly say its here , and as soon as it landed on the desk it went straight on the player with a smile .  the bother and sister duo morgan and chad  have delivered one hell of an album here with the tuneful harmonies and heartfelt songs .

this self titled album opens up with “i try” and it confirms with the vocals  and other instruments that its going to be an emotional ride playing this. With a line from the song stating “another plan to fall apart”  with a harvest moon round your neck, this has depth and leaves you thinking about the song .

the kid carsons album is what alt/country is about for us at siding with the insane stereo , it has depth , conviction and full of emotion its polished with bright jangly guitars on songs like “the weight” and with the most effective lap steel playing i have heard in a long time . so we are kinda keeping fingers crossed that “cosmic americana” and “grievous angel promotions” continue there amazing work and bring these guys to the untied kingdom .



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