the lemon twigs – do Hollywood 2016

maxresdefault (1).jpg

We have new arrival on the desk of “siding with the insane stereo” and for the first time we are not exactly sure what to make of this release its either a stroke of genius or yet another hipster fad that will be short lived .

The D’Addario brothers, Michael and Brian, have certainly grew up listen to some crazy shit and decided to chuck all this into a melting pot and come up with “do hollywood” . these two brothers started this project in there teens and guess what they still are in there teens 17 and 19 . both brothers share the vocal duties to a point it sounds like they belong in a bedroom where they have stole there parents records.

The opening track ” i wanna prove to you ” tickles your ears and makes you think this is good and leaves you wanting more . till all of a sudden track two opens “these days is comin soon” then your left head scratching and saying to yourself “what the fuck is going on ” i think we are going to stick with this slightly odd album after all we like the weird . but keep in mind is the world ready for  Sparks playing Nilsson songs



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