shack – H.M.S Fable 1999


out of the ashes from the pale fountains came one of Liverpool most underrated bands , the tag “they should of been massive” is ever more fitting for this band . plagued with a catalogue of disasters and dramas drug addiction , a burned down studio and if that isn’t bad enough having to deal with the politics of fucking record labels and in fighting .

H.M.S Fable is probably the most acclaimed album from shack full of that jangle guitar driven pop and dreamy style chamber genre . this is an album of rare beauty and superb harmonies from the head brothers . although some of the lyrics can be really dark , but we all love a little dark and gloomy lyrics now and then . 10769-hms-fable

So whilst being a critical hit, the album didn’t really sell and didn’t really chart (who knows…).. Despite the odds, and despite many delays caused by rehab stints HMS Fable was released in 1999 to mixed reception. Whilst it is definitely guilty of sounding a bit Oasis-y from time to time it still has some great songs. Comedy, the opener, is nice and sentimental. Pull Together is a roaring crowd pleaser and Streets of Kenny goes straight into the top 5 of all time songs about smack (I don’t wanna bag, I wanna big one). so if you don’t have this in your collection go out and source it and cherish it .


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